Storz & Bickel: Volcano Comparison

Storz & Bickel: Volcano Comparison

At The Bong Shop, we have a large range of vaporizers and accessories available, such as the Pax or FlowerMate, Australia-wide. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your current vaporizer for something a bit different, we have a large contender you shouldn’t skip, Storz and Bickel. 

Storz and Bickel is a German-based company known for its craftsmanship and skill and as the creators of the Volcano. Today we’ll be comparing these three beautiful vapes to decide who’ll rule supreme in the eyes of you, our herbal connoisseurs.

Intro to the Volcano

The Volcano vaporizer is the epitome of vaping units. Built to perform for years with its high-quality materials, precise air temperature control, and reliability, previously unreachable by competing companies, the Volcano has a reputation among experts as the most technologically advanced vaporizer available. Its advanced tech gives you 75% extraction of your product, leaving nothing to waste. These models come in three main variants, which we’ll be going through today.


The Volcano Classic with an easy valve is the most basic of these models. Its durable body is made from stainless steel, making it easy to clean and perfect to protect the ingenious equipment underneath. Storz and Bickel’s patented technology ensures that the heat exchanger brings clean air up to your desired temp in the safest way possible. 

The Volcano Classic is great for someone who likes a low-maintenance unit. While its only operational function is the dial, which can change the temperature from anywhere between 130° and 230°, it doesn’t skimp on the advanced technology seen in newer models. The analogue model uses a convection oven, which any vaporizer expert would know is the making of a true vaporizer. The convection oven is where hot air will pass through your product, giving you all the medicinal values filling up the bag before you inhale everything. It’s the perfect unit to leave sitting on your desktop until the next time you want to feel the full potential of the herb. 


The digital vaporizer falls into a reasonable budget range for a beginner operator. It uses the same advanced technology as the analogue version with the difference of a digital screen to tell you the temperature instead of a dial. It has the same effect with just a little more tech involved. 


If you’re a more seasoned herbal expert, then the Volcano hybrid is going to be the best-suited model for you. It uses two heating elements that can fire up in around a minute. This model provides you with the option to stick with a balloon or attach a tube mouthpiece directly to the unit, making it simple to share with friends or for yourself. 

The hybrid unit also has a partner app by Storz & Bickel that you can use to adjust the temperature and power controls through Bluetooth. You get a bit more room to experiment and play around with its fan speeds and heating times. It’ll also give you alerts when your unit has reached your tailed session specifications. 

For a daily user who wants nothing but the best of the best and has the cash to spend, the Volcano Hybrid really is about as good as you can get. The heater is enormously strong and the build quality from Storz & Bickel really seals the deal. 

Which One Should You Get?

Now that will depend entirely on your personal preference. If you prefer a unit that you can just turn on, adjust the temp, and vape away, the analogue or digital models will be the best option for you (this could also be dependent on budget). If you’re a seasoned pro and want something with a bit more flexibility and opportunity for exploration, the hybrid is going to be the option for you. If money is no worry for you, we definitely recommend going for the hybrid because it’s one of the best units around and should always be considered!

If you’ve decided on which models for you or have any more questions feel free to contact us or have a browse of the large range of products on our website. Here’s a discount code from us for your next vaporizer purchase! 0FAB10TBS = 10% off on THE BONG SHOP!