PAX Mini: Over a Decade of Progress at Your Fingertips

PAX Mini Bongs

When it comes to vaporiser brands, PAX is one of the highest quality providers out there. With their straightforward and sleek design, they are a great choice for vape aficionados and newbies alike.

Unlike most other vaporiser brands, PAX vaporisers are specially designed for the smoking of dry herbs.

PAX has a variety of different models available, including the Original, the PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX 3.5, the PAX Plus and of course the PAX Mini. Never has it been so easy and convenient to vape dry herb.

Vaping Marijuana 

Depending on the specific type of vaporiser, some work well for vaping weed and others not so much. For many, cannabis oil (with THC / CBD) is the option of choice, however it is also possible to vape dry herbs. Some vapes aren't ideal for doing so, and might need to be modified to vape weed, whereas others such as the PAX range are specifically designed for a great marijuana vape experience.

There are numerous benefits to vaping weed instead of smoking it. 

Understated smell - The scent it creates is far more subtle. Whether you hate the smell of weed or just want something a bit less obvious, an understated smell can be an advantage of vaping weed in many different scenarios. 

Convenience - Portable vaporisers are incredibly easy to carry around, you can have a vape every now and again and don't have to go to the trouble of rolling up a joint or packing a bong. You won't require a lighter, papers or any of the other accessories required for smoking.

Taste - Even if you enjoy the taste of weed, it's not necessarily something you want to experience every time you want to get high. Vaping offers a far weaker taste, and can sometimes have additional flavours added to it.

Advantages of the PAX Mini

The PAX Mini offers many advantages.

Smaller and more subtle than ever, the PAX Mini brings the sleek high-quality design of other PAX models into a smaller and even more convenient package.

If you don't want to worry about adjusting different settings and dials, the PAX Mini is great. Simply fill, charge, and then use with a single button press. It's as simple as that. Controlled heating means you will get the best vape every time, without fiddling with temperatures or a lighter. This device packs the perfect amount of herb for a solo session. It's great to carry around for when you need it most. More than two hours of continuous battery life from one charge ensures that it'll be there for you. 

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