How to Choose a Hookah

Choose a Hookah

Whether you are looking to buy your first hookah or you're a seasoned expert, it's always a good idea to put some thought into your next purchase. 

There are a range of things to think about when considering a hookah device, so we've made things a bit easier for you. 

At The Bong Shop we stock a wide range of hookahs, so once you've decided what kind of hookah you are looking for, you can browse our range.

Why Buy a Hookah?

We all know the classic bong, but have you dived into the world of hookahs? Also known as shisha or a water pipe, these smoking tools predated the bong. The bong as we know and love it today began as a type of hookah that was modified specifically to smoke weed. 

But can you smoke weed with a hookah? You bet you can. While hookahs are generally associated with tobacco or tobacco-free flavourings, they are also a great choice for weed.

Unlike a bong, hookah smoke is inhaled through a long tube known as a hose. Many types of hookahs have multiple hoses attached, so several people can kick back and use it simultaneously. You won't have to worry about passing it around or waiting for a turn like you would with a bong. 

Unlike a bong, a hookah is constantly heated through hot coals that are placed on its head. This means you won't have to use a lighter whenever you want a hit. 

Hookahs also have a wide range of different flavourings available.

If you consider the passing and lighting of a bong to be fiddly, and you prefer a longer session, then a hookah might be a better choice for smoking weed.

If you're looking to smoke tobacco or tobacco-free flavourings, a hookah is also a great choice.

Things to Consider When Buying a Hookah

When shopping for a hookah, there are several things you need to keep in mind.

The number of hoses is perhaps the most obvious thing to take into account. Will you generally be smoking alone or with others? Even hookahs with just one hose are often used in groups, with the hose passed around and shared. But if you think you will be group-smoking often, it is better to go for a device with multiple hoses.

Just as with a bong, the material that a hookah is made from can make a difference in your smoking experience. Materials include stainless steel, glass copper, and brass. Stainless steel and glass are the favoured choices, though glass runs the risk of being more breakable. 

Just like the best glass bongs, a hookah can be a work of art. If you are looking to break out your hookah at group parties or gatherings, an amazing looking hookah can really add to the atmosphere while also providing a talking point.

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There are plenty of glass, chrome, and even brass hookahs to choose from in a range of colours and designs. 

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