Our Tips and Tricks to Using Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizers

Our Tips and Tricks to Using Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizers

Storz & Bickel have become one of the most popular and reliable vaporizers for users across the globe. It’s no surprise that many herb connoisseurs are leaving their Da Vinci vaporizers in the corner to make room for a new and durable Storz & Bickel model. 

Today we’ll be providing some of our most highly regarded tips to get the absolute most out of your new favourite desktop vaporizer. 


You might bring your new Volcano vaporizer home and want to test it out straight away, which we can understand completely. Who wouldn't want to test out their new toy straight away? What we suggest you do is instead of whipping out your fancy metal Waterfall Grinder for the finest and best coarseness, you should use the grinder (or herb mill) that comes with the Volcano vaporizer.  

This little fluro orange grinder has teeth that are designed to produce a rougher grind. Which will actually work better for your new desktop vaporizer. While you can still use a finer ground of your herbs it’ll mean more residue will stick to the screens instead of flowing into your bag. 

The First Bag 

If you’ve bought the Hybrid Volcano, then you’ll have the benefit of it being ready almost immediately. But if you’ve opted for a more affordable option, like the Classic that uses convection heat things might move a little more slowly. 

You might be sitting there waiting for the thick white vapor cloud to fill your bag, but this isn’t always the case. Your bag can fill up with clear vapor, which is just as good as thick and cloudy vapour. Your herbs will release their oils before you’ll see any thick clouds, but this will actually taste the best.

If you’re really after thick clouds, just keep filling your bag until you can visibly see the vapour. Once you can see it starting to form take the bag and inhale the lighter, tastier vapour. You don’t need to fill the bag before you do this, just pull it off when you like the look of your vapour. Once you’ve emptied that you can start your second bag, which will be full and dense from the very start. 

It’s also important that whenever you use your new vaporizer that you don’t leave the bag bent over. If you do leave it flopped over it won’t mean the bag won’t fill up, it’ll mean there's less chance of the vapor condensing on the sides and decreasing the quality and life of the bag.

Brush Off the Screen regularly

both the bottom part of the filling chamber out, and the screen on the top part of the filling chamber after each session if you want to reduce the frequency of cleaning the entire filling chamber.

Save Your Herbs 

Once you’ve had your fun and inhaled a bag, or two, make sure you keep your herbs, don’t even think about going towards that bin! 

These already vaporized herbs can be used in any edibles you make, it’s a perfect way to use every single bud of your herbs. Or if you’re suddenly stuck in a lockdown with no herbal supply in hand, you can use these second-hand herbs again. Just regrind them up and whack them back into your volcano and turn the heat up high. It may not be as strong as before, but it’ll be better than nothing!

From one herb connoisseur to another, we hope these tips will help you to get the most out of your new desktop vaporizer. If you’ve got more questions about any vaporizers or accessories contact us, we’ve got a top-grade team ready to help you out in any way. Or if you’re looking to upgrade your tools have a browse of our range of first class vaporizers. Here’s a discount code from us for your next vaporizer purchase! 0FAB10TBS = 10% off on THE BONG SHOP!


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