How to Best Maintain a Vaporiser

How to Best Maintain a Vaporiser

To get good, long-term use out of a vaporiser, it must be properly maintained. Putting effort into maintaining a vaporiser will ensure that it functions properly and provides a clean, enjoyable vaping experience.

A great place to start is to read the included instruction manual. Each vaporiser is different, so make sure to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions that are unique to your specific vaporiser. 

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Clean Your Vaporiser Regularly

Most vaporisers will come with cleaning instructions, so this is a good place to start.

Cleaning a vaporiser usually involves a brush or pipe cleaner to clean out the chamber, mouthpiece, and any other parts that meet the vapour.

Use rubbing alcohol or one of The Bong Shop's cleaning liquids while scrubbing inside the chamber to leave it perfectly clean and prepared for your next vape session. 

Whilst cleaning your vaporiser, be careful using the cleaning liquids on internal parts as excess liquids can risk dripping into the battery and damaging it. Always use a brush or tool rather than pouring liquid straight into a vaporiser.

The vape screens do a great job of keeping debris out but will pick up some of that debris over time. Replacing your vaporiser screens regularly will help ensure that it is always at top performance.

Use Only High-quality Products

When using your vape, it is best to only use high-quality materials. Ensure any e-liquids or dry herbs you use are of a high quality. These will ensure your vaporiser produces clean vapour. Only ever vape substances that your vaporiser has been designed for use with.

Store Your Vaporiser Correctly

When you're not using your vaporiser, you still need to look after it. Ensure it is stored in a cool, dry place, as exposing a vaporiser to dust can create long-term issues. This means it can be a great idea to buy a special case to keep it in.

Use the Best Accessories

Whether you need a replacement part, or are just looking to try a new mouthpiece, you should only ever use the best quality accessories and spare parts. Only use parts that are designed to work with your type of vaporiser, and don't force something that won't fit.

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