Differences Between a Vaporizer and a Bong.

The weed-smoking experience can be a very personalised one and as such the differences between a vaporizer and a bong can be important to consider. 

Everyone’s preferences will differ on things like health effects, cleanliness, cost, and intensity of the high which is why we’ve written this blog to clear things up for a stress-free session. 

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What’s Unique About a Vaporizer?

Since the first e-cigarette was patented in 1930, the history of the vaporizer has gathered plenty of attention and debate about its superiority over traditional smoking methods. 

Now, 90 years after its invention and only 17 years after the first e-cigarette was commercialised, a range of technologies have developed in modern vapes to bring the finest high money can buy. But how exactly does it work? 

Dry herb vaporizers - as can be found on The Bong Shop - heat the herb until it produces vapor which can be inhaled in short hits at the user’s discretion.

The biggest benefit of this method is that no weed is burnt in the process meaning no smoke or toxins are produced. In this way, the vapor is much nicer on the lungs which can appeal to first-time tokers or those transitioning from smoking damaging cigarettes. 

Also adding to convenience, vaporizers allow for smaller and more manageable tokes compared to bongs where all the smoke or vapor is inhaled at once. 

The compact size of vaporizers also appeals to many on-the-go users who prefer to take a discreet hit while going about their day. 

Compared to bongs, the lack of harsh smell from vaporizers can also appeal to mobile users who’d rather not be noticed by those around them. 

The battery-powered nature of vaporizers is one element that could push people towards bongs, as the latter is much simpler to use. But never fear, most vaporizer batteries last for 6 to 12 hours before needing a recharge depending on how much they’re used. 

The Best Bits About Bongs

Traditional weed smokers will never totally abandon the bong, owing to its simplicity and its strength. 

Bongs work by lighting your herb as you would with a joint and diffusing the smoke through a basin of water. Bypassing the smoke through the water, many of the toxins and carcinogens are filtered out of the air allowing for a cleaner hit. 

For an even cleaner hit, The Bong Shop offers attachable mouthpieces which can filter out even more toxins

But as many stoners will tell you, the true benefits of a bong are in its strength. This is because the bong is designed for users to take the whole hit at once, with the effects lasting for hours depending on the quality of the weed. 

This is compared to vaporizers where smaller doses can be inhaled for numerous smaller hits over a longer period. 

Once the session is over, bongs are naturally easier to clean as they’re made of only glass and don’t involve any electronics. 

This simpler design allows bongs to be the cheaper option of the two tools, possibly adding to their popularity among the weed-smoking community. 

Need To Know More?

No matter your preference, The Bong Shop is bound to have all your answers and accessories to allow your next session to be your most enjoyable. 

If you’ve got any more burning questions for us, don’t hesitate to contact The Bong Shop for any advice on your next purchase.