Your Guide to Firefly Vaporizers

Your Guide to Firefly Vaporizers

Similar to your Volcano Vaporizer the models created by Firefly are unique in their design, making them an easily recognisable brand. 

Today we’ll be taking a deep dive into Firefly and the vaporizers that they offer, so the next time you want to buy a new vape you’ll be fully aware about all the brilliant brands out there to choose from.   

Who is Firefly? 

Firefly was established in 2021 by a duo of Silicon Valley tech experts; both men were health-conscious smokers who had experimented with various vaporizers and saw real potential in the industry. This different lifestyle and daily influences are just why Firefly vapes are so unique in the current market. 

Firefly 1

Their first model became available in 2013, The FireFly Vaporizer. It was a portable convection vaporizer that heated up your dry herbs in a quick 7 seconds. It became a model to talk about because of how little it resembled a standard vape. 

Weighing in at 278 grams the Firefly Vaporizer is on the slightly heavier side for a portable, this was because of the addition of a stainless-steel heat stink, which works to reduce excess heat and keep the unit cool during and immediately after a vaping session. 

The heating chamber was made of glass and could hold 0.15 grams of herb, which in comparison to today's models is smaller than most, it could still give you around 5-8 hits per session. 

Although the battery lacked in comparison to other models, running continuously for 45 mins on a full charge it did come with some extra accessories. These unique extras include a travel bag, five screen replacements, cleaning picks, a multi-sided brush and cleaning wipes. 

Firefly 2

The next vaporizer released in 2016, the Firefly 2. It was similar in design and look to its original model, with an improved attitude. For one this model could now be used with waxes and other concentrates, it was 55% lighter and 33% smaller than its predecessor and was quicker to heat up. 

The building materials in this model were swapped over to a lightweight and heat resistant magnesium alloy. It meant that the unit had a far lower rate of thermal conductivity. This model was also lined with gorilla glass which is virtually indestructible. The battery life of their unit was also greatly improved, lasting a full 3 chambers in a single charge, although this new battery did have to be in the device when charged, which would complicate things if it ran out in the middle of a session. It was a significant upgrade from the Firefly 1.  

Where this second model really took off from its former unit was the temperature settings and the partnering app that Firefly developed. 

The Firefly 2 offered six different heat settings, allowing their users to fully customize their session to their liking. The heating element warming your product up to 200°C in a quick five seconds. Unlike many other vaporizers this unit, because of the materials used in its build, couldn't be felt externally by users, which meant no more sudden burns. 

Their app was designed to be used as the control for their unit, with the physical model only having a touch sensor to turn it on and off, after that everything would be done by your phone. You could completely control the temperature range, keep an eye out on the batter level and monitor the changes temp of your unit. 

Overall, the Firefly vaporizers were the first early models that took a step back and created a unique and functional vape, different to any model really seen in the last decade. If you’ve got more questions about our range of Firefly vaporizers or accessories contact us, we’ve got a top grade team ready to help you out in any way. Here’s a discount code from us for your next vaporizer purchase! 10FAB10TBS = 10% off on THE BONG SHOP!