Waterfall Classics

Zap Bonza Glass Bong Waterfall
The Zap Bonza is one of Waterfall's all time favourites. With it's simple design, the Zap Bonza is not a complicated beast so it's super easy to use, super easy...
Compact Clover Bong Waterfall
The Compact Clover Bong is your perfect companion for discreet, on-the-go smoking pleasure. Crafted from premium and tough borosilicate glass, this sleek and compact design ensures easy handling and provides...
Heavy Weight Champ Waterfall
The Heavy Weight Champ by Waterfall® is made of extra thick (4 mm) pyrex glass making it much stronger than your average glass bong. It has a simple "Bent Bubble" design...
Heavy Weight Zap Glass Bong Waterfall
Strong and Classic, The Heavy Weight Zap Glass Bong is a reliable design delivering consistently smooth hits. Built tough to withstand relentless use, this bong is not only sturdy but...
Small Gripper Glass Bong Waterfall
 The Small Glass Gripper has a pistol grip design with an extra long neck making the smoke cool slightly so you don't get that often unpleasant throat burn. The rubber base...
Squirt Glass Bong Waterfall
Small yet mighty, The Squirt Glass Bong lives up to its name. It is discreet and packs a punch with a sturdy rubber base, ensuring it stays safe from any...
Exterminator Glass Bong Waterfall
The Exterminator has a bubble shaped body with a wide neck making for a fast hit but yet surprisingly smooth. There is nothing complicated about this bong!! Easy to clean| simple...
Zap STD Glass Bong Waterfall
The Zap Glass Bong has a thin neck| making the smoke slow to move through the bong and therefore an overall smoother experience.  Features & Measurements: 23cm Tall straight stem that's...
Terminator Glass Bong Waterfall
The Terminator is like an Eliminator on steroids. This is a highly recommended  product made by Waterfall since 1993. It is one of the most popular Billys ever! Extra long...
Bent Beaker Glass Bong Waterfall
The 12" Clear Bottom Beaker Water pipe is a great solution for all smoking environments. The stability and support this Beaker base offers and make it easy to handle. Features...
Heavy Weight Bazooka Glass Bong Waterfall
Get blown away with the heavyweight Bazooka! The Bazooka is made with super tough 4mm borosilicate glass| and extra wide 50mm tubing| making it bigger and tougher than a school yard bully...
Beano Glass Bong Waterfall
The Beano features a second bubble in the neck creating a double hit. Smooth and effective hits are what the beano is all about. 28cm tall. Features: straight Bonza stem...

If you're looking for a quality glass bong , Waterfall at THE BONG SHOP is the place to go. Since 1978, they've manufactured a reliable range of bongs and accessories, and by 1997 they were exporting to the world.

This gives The Bong Shop the level of assurance we require to deliver their reliable products to you!

Comprehensive Design

Every aspect of Waterfall glass bongs has been considered by the manufacturer, from the cap, through each chamber, to the burner and base.

Adding to the experience of owning a Waterfall glass bong, the Titan comes in a custom padded crate-style wooden box with steel fittings, a heat-pressed logo and foam inserts for protection and style.

Wide Range

If one Waterfall product doesn't work for you, the next one just might. They offer products for the learners and the legends, to keep everyone in the community catered for.

If a simple design like the Zap Bonza glass bong doesn't tickle your fancy, then the Titan or maybe the Beano with ash catcher is more your style. There's honestly one for everybody. Just check out our range to find the bong that suits you.