Backcountry Blaze Bundles

Viva La Vapeventure Set The Bong Shop

Viva La Vapeventure Set

Live the adventure, the perfect vape set to take your for next adventure! Bundle Includes: Trippy Hearts Heart-Shaped Metal Tin Happy Leaf Plant Fibre Grinder Eyce PV1 Vaporizer Toker Poker...
Pink Panthress Travel Bundle The Bong Shop

Pink Panthress Travel Bundle

Everything you need for your upcoming trip! A beautiful pink Pulsar Bong with the perfect accessories to accompany you. Bundle Includes: Pulsar Glass Bong - Pink Flower Power Heart-Shaped Metal...
Pink Cloud Explorer Bundle The Bong Shop

Pink Cloud Explorer Bundle

Go on a blissful journey with the Pink Cloud Explorer Bundle, designed for an easy smoking experience. Immerse yourself in the charm of the Pink Cloud Explorer Bundle and transform...
Backpacker's Waterfall Bud Bundle The Bong Shop

Backpacker's Waterfall Bud Bundle

Go on a journey with the Backpacker's Waterfall Bud Bundle, carefully curated for enthusiasts on the move. Ensure a seamless and enjoyable smoking experience while exploring the great outdoors with...
Nature's Nectar Expedition Bundle The Bong Shop

Nature's Nectar Expedition Bundle

Embark on a journey into Nature's Nectar with our comprehensive expedition bundle. Embrace the power of Nature's Nectar with these essential accessories. Bundle Includes: Toker Poker - Glow in the...
Camping Cloud Cruiser Set The Bong Shop

Camping Cloud Cruiser Set

Gear up for an outdoor adventure with the Camping Cloud Cruiser Set. Embark on your camping journey equipped with essential accessories from The Bong Shop. Bundle Includes: MacGyver Silicone Collapsable...
Frosty Flavours Explorer Set The Bong Shop

Frosty Flavours Explorer Set

Embark on a frosty adventure with the Frosty Flavours Explorer Set. Explore the cool and stylish world of frosty ice-cream with these essential smoking accessories. Bundle Includes: Ice Cream Silicone...
Stealth Mode Bundle The Bong Shop

Stealth Mode Bundle

Keeping it on the DL is now even easier! Stay incognito and keep it fun with an air filter that turns any smoking session into a covert operation, and a...
Whirlwind Cyclone Bundle The Bong Shop

Whirlwind Cyclone Bundle

Watch out for the crazy Cyclone deal, it is sure to knock your socks off. This blunt bundle will keep you going and cover all your needs! Bundle Includes: Purple...
They See Me Rolling Bundle The Bong Shop

They See Me Rolling Bundle

The Ultimate Rolling Pack for when you are with friends and going away for a short trip! Pick a colour for your grinder, add to cart and you are all...
Pulsating Pink Bundle The Bong Shop

Pulsating Pink Bundle

An electrifying experience packed with personality! This bundle features a stunning Pulsar Glass Bong in pastel pink, a Badass Stash Jar, a Flower Power Heart-Shaped Metal Tin, and a Flower Power Ceramic Grinder...
Starter Bong Bundle The Bong Shop

Starter Bong Bundle

Looking for a great starter pack?, look no further comes with a tin for your ground herb, a stash jar to keep your nugs fresh, a grinder and Smokey green...
Clean Freak Bundle The Bong Shop

Clean Freak Bundle

 Are you a smoker who loves a clean billy? Do you hate going to your mates house to see their dirty smelly gear? This pack is for you! With a...